Some random designs…some will be on cards, others on little prints to sell during the Open Studios.

Kinda irksome getting them to fit right on some of the cards, but…will do something with them.

Wanted to buy some more card stock and notebooks from eco-craft, but…the site is down till next week, so am just stuck waiting to buy the good stuff…


My rough layout for this years IPE! Kinda based off various tribes in Africa…I have no real reason for why I chose this, just that it kinda felt ‘right’. Plus, once it’s inked and coloured then printed it’ll look awesome.

In other news, comic has once again picked up some speed and am getting very close to the end in terms of drawing. When that’s done, I’ll take a huge picture of all the pages laid out, ready for inking!

Which…will take ages, but not as long as the drawing stage. Then adding colours and text…then printing it….promoting it…etc.

Long way to go, but a milestone is coming up, so…I’m happy!

I am still alive…

Yep…forgot to update.

Am still alive, and comic is still ongoing…

Hopefully soon(ish), I’ll put up some new stuff or at least old stuff completed and coloured, but most of my days are pretty much drawing the comic.

As I draw it, I kinda realised how big a thing it is, really… I mean, after it’s all drawn out, I then have to ink it…then scan it in, add the words and play about with edits, composition and general layout…plus, front/back covers, credits, foreword, etc, etc, etc…

Then I have to actually print the sodding thing…but that will be the final step!

Maybe I should do a Patreon…? Dunno, who knows!

Anyway…updates soon!

So…as you can see, my comic won’t be child-friendly!

Well…unless you’re an awesome parent.

I’m nearly half-way in terms of drawing…have gotten to the stage when I now fear the entire inking process. Colouring and lettering will be a safe haven after all this!