So…as you can see, my comic won’t be child-friendly!

Well…unless you’re an awesome parent.

I’m nearly half-way in terms of drawing…have gotten to the stage when I now fear the entire inking process. Colouring and lettering will be a safe haven after all this!

A lovely little mock-up of my last image, digitally enhanced by inkidot!

Was showing her my final image for print, and she told me about some rather nifty metallic inks she has in stock. So she took my image, did a little bit of photoshop and here we go…a rough representation of what it would look like printed in bronze ink!

I rather like it…very space-disco…

From this, to this…to this. Just have to physically print it, then I should be done for that print exchange!

Rather pleased with it, with and without colour. Have it separated as well, meaning I can swap the orange for any other colour that takes my fancy, really…will have to give that a go later.

Time to do other things…